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ICSD Green Initiative

Project Info

Name: Green Initiative

Client: Ithaca City School District

Location: Ithaca, New York

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Project Summary

Welliver obtained the district-wide, five-year renovation plan for the Ithaca City School District and has worked with numerous city and school officials, as well as three architectural firms to upgrade the ICSD facilities. Welliver managed construction projects at all 18 district schools, playgrounds, athletic fields, as well as the district's health and wellness initiative. The district also had green ideals in mind when updating their educational facilities, which Welliver considered in all aspects of building. This project included numerous renovations, upgrades to classroom technology, and complete additions and renovations to parts of the schools.


As part of ICSD's green initiative, Welliver was able to reduce the district's utility budget almost immediately with the following project features:

  • Photovoltonic lighting to provide schools with energy produced by sunlight
  • High-efficiency modular boilers that provide up to 96% season efficiency that replaced 70 year-old equipment
  • High-efficiency modular chiller that creates ice underground to cool the schools
  • Three-part, walk-off system for all high-volume entryways to decrease waste and dirt tracking
  • New roofing systems with a Solar Reflective Index that is Energy Star Certified
  • Energy recovery units and room occupancy sensors to decrease energy consumption
  • Complete Building Automation System (BAS) for all new HVAC systems that allow for energy usage monitoring and communication to other networks and operator station
  • Artificial turf and drainage system applied to athletic field for less water waste

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