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BIM and Welliver Coordination & Clash Detection Services


Welliver utilizes BIM - Building Information Modeling - which is quickly becoming the new way to plan and construct. BIM is a process for creating, planning and managing building-related systems in a three dimensional aspect. The technology allows all users - design, Owner, construction manager, subcontractors - to communicate via a virtual 3D modeling of a building project throughout its life-cycle. Welliver is able to introduce BIM into the project deliverables seamlessly and with the Building Mobilization Approach (BMA) we can take it to the next step with extra support past modeling to utilization.


What is BIM?

Building information modeling turns 2D drawings and mechanics into real world visualization through computer software platforms specifically built for the construction and design industries. The Welliver BIM team will apply construction-related aspects to any existing design that has been modeled to add another level of use through preconstruction to closeout.  If a model does not exist, the team can build a model and apply the spec’d data levels to enhance your construction efforts that we manage. 


Coordination and Clash Detection (CCD) Program Services

In tandem with the BIM development, Welliver has proactively established an approach to use the technology to solve costly issues associated to clashes and drawing coordination. This technology creates a platform that together, the architects & Welliver will mitigate extra costs and construction document issues before construction begins – which is the best, and most efficient, method of quality management.


Our program, Coordination & Clash Detection (CCD), is a 360-degree analysis of the project design and documentation in order to discover any potential coordination problems. CCD takes many forms depending on what the Owner or project requires. This program has proven to be a vital cost-saving exercise for clients and the project team. CCD provides a platform for all stakeholders to work together and focus on providing the best, most seamless building design, bidding process and construction possible. 



The benefits of utilizing this construction technology are exponential. Together we can:

  • Build On An Established Framework
  • Build Design Visualization
  • Build A Plan Together
  • Build Confidence In Construction
  • Build A Mobilization Approach
  • Build Better Facility Management



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