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Campbell-Savona Central School District

Project Info

Name: Capital Improvement Project

Client: Campbell-Savona Central School District

Location: Campbell, New York

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Project Summary

Welliver has been present at the Campbell Savona CSD for a few years and this summer they will begin managing  a three-year, $20 million capital project. The long-awaited project will include  major upgrades at both the Savona Elementary School and Campbell-Savona Junior-Senior High School.


For the safety benefits and the speed at which the team can work, most of the construction will be completed during summer breaks, beginning with the elementary school this summer, and the junior-senior high school in the summers of 2013 and 2014. At both buildings, high-efficiency heating and lighting systems will be installed. Old carpeting will be replaced with tile , and there will be upgrades to the ceilings and roofs of both buildings, and new parking lots.


At Savona Elementary School, both playgrounds will be replaced, which the district’s parents and students helped brainstorm ideas for and design, At the junior-senior high school in Campbell, a suite of classrooms will be built for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. It will be a flexible space with movable walls, and a stairway will connect it to the library. The project also includes a new, expanded fitness room that will be added at the junior-senior high school, and it will be moved to a new location so it’s more accessible to the community.


Welliver completed a previous project for CSCSD requiring complex demolition, new construction, and renovations project that entailed demolishing four old sections, building nine new additions including a pool and gymnasium, and making major renovations to the remaining areas. 

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