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Clemens Center

Project Info

Name: Lobby Renovation

Client: Clemens Center

Location: Elmira, New York

Project Summary

Welliver was hired to build a new lobby for The Clemens Center in Elmira, New York. The Center is home to Broadway musicals, classical music, dance and pop, as well as a school-time series that attracts up to 25,000 children per year. This unique structure incorporates multiple shapes for the addition’s configuration, a 37-foot tall marquee and an opaque/clear sequence of curtain wall panels.


The Welliver team members tapped into their creative side for this project by offering suggestions that greatly improved the final appearance of the lobby. From the pattern of the concrete floor, to the pattern of the drop-down lights, Welliver helped to create a beautiful, unique building for their community. Patience, careful coordination and attention to detail for the terrazzo, carpeting and concrete layouts of the floor, which continued form the interior to the exterior sidewalk, were highly critical to the success of the continual, patterned look of the unusually sized concrete blocks.


This was one of three expansion and renovation projects Welliver has performed at the building site.

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