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Corning Credit Union New Office Complex

Project Info

Name: Corning Credit Union New Office Complex

Client: Corning Federal Credit Union

Location: Corning, New York

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Project Summary

From the first shovel of dirt to the last pounded nail, this elegant building is a tribute to the skilled craftsmen who live in the rural Southern Tier region. The complicated geometric design of a three-sided structure and a five-sided structure, made these challenging projects all the way through, and a source of pride at its completion. This was a design/build project which entailed the Welliver project team to be “hands on” in the design process, working closely with the A/E and providing a constructability viewpoint during the designing.


Welliver constructed a four-story, five-sided, glass encased polygon to blend seamlessly with the existing Phase I building that positively reflects the image of Corning, NY. Eight different types of glass were utilized and custom ordered from North Carolina to fit exact dimensions of the unique structure. Exact specifications were required to support the owner’s state-of-the-art computer and security systems and to connect the two unique buildings and their systems.


This structure, shelled in glass, required limited access zones and special handling procedures for the glass installation. Not one crack was experienced.


There were no injuries or incident reports filed for this site from the beginning to the end, particular attention was paid to the inherent dangers of an open four-story building, compounded by the unique geometric shape of the structure.



2000 Build New York Award 

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