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Elmira City School District

Project Info

Name: Capital Improvement Project, Phases I & II

Client: Elmira City School District

Location: Elmira, New York

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Project Summary

Welliver managed both phases of the Elmira City School District’s vision to modernize its facilities and provide the best to its students and staff through a $188 million capital improvement project, which included renovations and expansions of each of the District’s 14 buildings, plus implementation of a district-wide technology plan. Projects ranged in scope from $1.4 million to $13 million, and had anywhere from four to 13 prime contracts per school. The project was phased over five years with construction starting on up to four schools per year and as many as eight projects going on at any one time. Welliver coordinated the work of four architectural firms and all contractors, as well as provided regular updates to school officials, district staff and the School Board.


Renovations of 75+ year-old buildings, some on tight urban lots, required demolition of adjacent buildings to allow for expansion. These renovations required pre-planning for asbestos abatement and other potential obstacles once construction began. Over 100,000 square-feet of additional space was built onto district schools. Many of the campuses were re-designed for more efficient traffic flowing and expanded parking space and bus loops. The District-wide technology plan created a centralized computer center to serve schools city-wide. Extensive infrastructure was updated & installed in the 30 to 100 year-old buildings to handle state-of-the-art computer and communications systems. Multiple phasing strategies allowed for the extensive renovations and additions to occur in an occupied schools. The safety of building/campus users was of prime importance in our planning.


Welliver is currently working with the district and its design team to analyze the impacts district consolidation would have to the building aid, budgets and facilities, as well as to the students, faculty, parents and staff. 

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