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Frame-Westerberg Student Union

Project Info

Name: Frame-Westerberg Student Union

Client: University of Pittsburgh-Bradford

Location: Bradford, Pennsylvania

Project Summary

After several years in the planning, the Frame-Westerberg Commons underwent a dynamic expansion with the addition of a second building at the rear of the facility and the complete renovation of existing spaces - all of which Welliver managed. As few modifications had been made to the Commons since it had been built 23 years prior, the new facility boasts the most modern and up-to-date features of college university centers, including dining services, book center, game room, student activity space, mail center, and meeting spaces to better accommodate Pitt-Bradford's students, faculty, and staff better. The project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. On the day of turn over to the owner, furniture and fixtures were already set up and the owner received a "turn key" building.


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“In the end, when students walk through the front door of the new Frame-Westerberg Commons, it'll be as if they've entered a building that is brand new. It will not even resemble the current building but will instead give the appearance that the old building is gone, and a new modern one has been constructed in its place. For a college of Pitt-Bradford's size, students will be able to use and enjoy one of the finest student centers among any small college in the nation.”

- James Evans, VP and Dean of Student Affairs

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