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Guthrie Sayre Clinic

Project Info

Name: Guthrie Sayre Clinic Addition

Client: Guthrie Healthcare System

Location: Sayre, Pennsylvania

Project Summary

The key to any healthcare construction project is minimal disruption to daily operations. Welliver managed and constructed this major addition to the clinic without disturbing patients and/or medical service providers by performing most work in the evenings and on weekends. In addition, noise levels were kept to a minimum throughout the process. The existing and new facilities were bridged via a five-story atrium.


Welliver's extensive experience with the owner prepared the team for the potential issues that arose during construction, as well as those issues that were most important to the owner; therefore, the owner truly understood and felt obtained a comfort level with the project and Welliver, diminishing uncertainty.


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Extensive planning and care was taken as special pilings had to be drilled, rather than drove, into the foundation soil to decrease the noise and vibration levels of the occupied building.

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