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Hornell City School District

Project Info

Name: Capital Improvement Project

Client: Hornell City School District

Location: Hornell, New York

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Project Summary

Welliver was up for the challenge when the Hornell City School District chose them as Construction Manager for the newest renovations and additions to the district. This seven-building project will remodel the current district facilities and create a more advanced system for students, faculty and staff. The Welliver project team has been on-site and proactively involved in this project from the beginning and is currently ahead of schedule. The project has also been under budget, which has allowed to the District to add scope to their project and subsequently get more for their money.


This project comprehensively addresses Building Condition Survey (BCS) items within the district’s facilities. Renovations and additions allow for a realignment of grade levels within the district buildings - the High School will be renovated to house grades nine through 12; additions and renovations to the Intermediate School acommodates grades five through eight; and North Hornell Elementary School will be expanded with a 16-room addition. All buildings will be equipped with an upgraded technology and IT systems to increase levels of communication and security. The high school cafeteria was completely renovated to resemble a campus café-style eatery and food service area.  A new transportation garage will also be constructed to better serve the district.


A new Interactive Classroom is being built in the intermediate school, utilizing Cisco Technology. The classroom was specifically designed to fully utilize daylighting, environmental impacts to learning and the latest technology to provide a fully flexible and connected learning space for students. This is one of the first smart classrooms to be built in the region and has already become a showcase for other schools. 


The Welliver team worked with the Owner group to phase construction and plan around the school schedule to reduce noise and air pollution while buildings were being occupied. This project  has not been without its challenges as the Welliver team, along with the Welliver Facilities Planner, had to manage the voting process, community communication, NYSED approval and building aid, as well as overcome construction obstacles. 



2013 AIA of Southern NY Award of Merit

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