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Ithaca City School District

Project Info

Name: Capital Improvement Project

Client: Ithaca City School District

Location: Ithaca, New York

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Project Summary

Welliver managed the district-wide, five-year capital plan for the Ithaca City School District, which included numerous renovations, upgrades to classroom technology, and complete additions and rebuilds to parts of the schools. The project team worked with numerous city and school officials, as well as three architectural firms, to upgrade all 18 ICSD facilities, including schools, playgrounds, athletic fields, and the District’s health and wellness initiative. Sustainability initiatives, which were considered and incorporated into numerous aspects of the project, were also a key focus, so Welliver aided the District in applying for CHPS (Collaborative for High Performing Schools) certification as being a leading “green” district. 


A major renovation of the existing High School performing arts center, Kulp Auditorium, was performed and  three new additions were provided to allow for music, theater, and dance aspects to co-exist in a larger environment. A new entrance, restrooms and concession area have been built to maintain security and attendee traffic to the theater area.


Welliver also managed the completion of numerous elementary school renovations, which included new roofing, HVAC systems, improved lighting, and advanced technological capabilities. Some sustainable elements included in large number of projects: HVAC systems, modular boilers, room occupancy sensors, and energy recovery units for newly built classrooms. A new athletic field features artificial turf and new lighting. Construction on libraries, gymnasiums, cafeterias, science classrooms, and office space has been a large area of focus during this renovation.

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