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Cornell Milstein Hall

Project Info

Name: Paul Milstein Hall

Client: Cornell University College of Architecture, Art & Planning

Location: Ithaca, New York

Project Data

Size: 47,000 square feet

Sustainability: LEED Gold

Completion Date: 2011

Website: Milstein Hall

Designer: OMA (New York, NY)

Project Summary

Milstein Hall, which broke ground in 2009, hosts two stories with a sub-basement that provide studios, auditorium, gallery and critique spaces. Both floors, referred to as the upper and lower plates, have an open-air design to allow for ever-changing spacial and programming requirements. With no lay down area on site and building near busy occupied buildings, the Welliver project team had to closely manage the prototype design and procurement, as well as coordinate scheduling, logistics, installations, and “just-in-time” deliveries of custom materials in order to complete work on time and keep the schedule on track. 


Milstein Hall achieved a LEED Gold certification for its many environmental aspects, including a vegetative roof, skylights, an indoor garden, chilled beams for cooling the building and radiant heat flooring. 


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2012 ENR New York Best Project: Higher Education 

2012 CNY A Time to Build Award: Best Educational Project 

2012 AGC/Alliant Build America Merit Award

2011 ArchDaily Building of the Year Award

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