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Modular Construction


Welliver's clients are continuously looking for more time efficient/cost-effective building solutions. As an extension of the design/build construction delivery model, Welliver has partnered with the best in the industry to provide fast-track solutions using modular and tilt-up construction methods. Tilt-Up Construction is a fast-track delivery system that saves time and money, meets aggressive schedules, and ensures earlier building occupancy. Welliver has provided tilt-up construction to clients in a variety of industries - science and technology, distribution, manufacturing, and commercial. There are a number of benefits to choosing the modular or tilt-up construction methods and it is a process that Welliver will thoroughly evaluate with a client at the start of their project.  


Proud member of the Con/Steel Tilt-Up Alliance

Tilt Up ConstructionThe Con/Steel Alliance is a network of general contractors and design builders drawing on 30-plus years of tilt-up design and construction experience and an unmatched reputation for building quality and customer satisfaction.  Sharing a successful history of more than 700 buildings and 50 million square feet, every Con/Steel building incorporates the latest in design and construction technology. Welliver, in conjunction with Con/Steel Tilt-Up systems, pledge to continue to set the standard by which building construction is measured. Welliver and Con/Steel combine proven tilt-up efficiencies with an integrated design-build team that consistently delivers savings in labor and materials throughout the building process.


Twelve Benefits to the Tilt-Up Building Process

  1. Floor slab quality is reflected in the exterior panel finish
  2. Panels are custom-designed using floor slab as the principal casting surface
  3. Structurally-reinforced walls add value with the elimination of perimeter beams columns
  4. Using locally-produced buildings materials, entire wall panels are cast at one time for maximum productivity
  5. Wall panels, spanning from foundation to roof, are tilted in place quickly and precisely
  6. Aggressive schedules are accommodated by an integration of construction operations
  7. With the Welliver + Con/Steel design-build team, economy of material and labor is built-in
  8. The roof deck is an integral part of the building structure, permitting unrestricted floor space, free of interior structural bracing
  9. Column-walls allow unrestricted door spacing and unobstructed rack location
  10. The Scott Brick System ensures a quality product with zero maintenance requirements
  11. Integrally insulated “sandwich” tilt-up wall panels offer the ultimate in thermal efficiency and preserve the durability of interior concrete walls
  12. Architectural Freedom - wall panels allow for easy buildings expansion and wall opening modifications and can be designed to accommodate future growth or remodeling

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