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Past & Present



Who we are today says a lot about the foundation we were built on - integrity, quality, and the value of hard work. Our construction history dates back to the first school house in Chemung County in 1898, which is still standing today, and has expanded over the past 115+ years to touch practically every sector of our community.


1898  Wilmot H. "W.H." Welliver launches Welliver Construction Co. in Ridgebury, PA


1987 – Wellco, Inc. was established to carry on the Welliver name in construction

Building the Next 100 Years

1996 – Wellco, Inc. acquires McGuire & Bennett (Ithaca, NY) to form Welliver McGuire Inc. McGuire & Bennett was a direct descendant of Stewart & Bennett of Rochester, New York, formed in 1862


1998 – Welliver McGuire Inc. celebrates 100th Anniversary of being in the construction industry


2003 – Company headquarters relocates to Montour Falls, New York


2006 – 10th anniversary of the merger between Wellco, Inc. and McGuire & Bennett


2011 – Company undergoes radical new branding effort focused a century of performance and quality services and now operates under the DBA name Welliver


2012  Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the inception of Wellco Inc. on July 21, 2012





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