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“It is the desire of Welliver that all companies and individuals present at our job sites recognize the value of adhering to the Welliver Safety Program. The purpose of the Program is to recognize and remediate conditions leading to accidents and to cooperate with government agencies responsible for worksite safety.” – Scott Welliver, Chairman/CEO



Safety ProgramWelliver Safety Policy:

Welliver employs a full-time Safety Director to implement our Safety Policy and to assist in monitoring project operations with the goal of ensuring that each job site is a safe work place. 


Job site safety is discussed at the beginning of each project, and regularly through the duration of the project, with every member of the entire project team.  Welliver conducts weekly safety meeting at the job site with its employees and subcontractors.  We are continually working to stay abreast with interpretations of new OSHA regulations, as well as new interpretations of old regulations, to assure our safety standards and performances maintain compliance. 


Further, we regularly work with our insurance carrier who inspects our projects on a scheduled basis, reporting findings back to the safety department.  In addition to our full-time Safety/Injury Management Coordinator, project managers routinely conduct project safety inspections and file written reports.  Safety issues are evaluated and an issue resolution report is sent to the project superintendent (and Senior Management) for immediate action. 

The Welliver Safety Policy may be tailored to satisfy any specific requirements that the Owner may have at the project site. A brief meeting to discuss any necessary PPE will be coordinated between Safety staffs.  Again, Welliver is confident in their abilities to comply with all of the Owner’s requirements and run a safe, clean and secure job site.  

All Welliver field employees receive an in-depth orientation prior to beginning work at any site.  When confronted with a safety compliance/policy concern, they are directed to reference their site manual in the job trailer.  If additional information is needed beyond those two resources, then the Corporate Safety Department is contacted for phone or job-site education.


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Safety is more than a goal – it’s the way we work – every day, on every project.



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