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SYSCO Cleveland Replacement Facility

Project Info

Name: SYSCO Cleveland Replacement Facility

Client: SYSCO

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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Project Summary

SYSCO Corporation required a new facility to support their continual growth. While typical scope, schedule and budget challenges existed, our experience with design/build construction as well as our ability to deliver a quality building shell were incentive for SYSCO contacting Welliver and inviting them to offer a proposal for this facility.


The project scope included a combination one and two story building with dry storage, freezer space, cooler space and office space all combined under one roof. This configuration enhances SYSCO’s ability to meet their customers’ needs. The storage area is composed of insulated metal panels at freezer and cooler area and precast concrete panels at the dry warehouse area. The office features a two-story glass curtain wall with office space on the first and second floor and two open, spacious lobbies, one on each floor, joined together with a central stairwell.



This 53-acre site is located adjacent to Hopkins Airport, which required special attention to be paid to the design of lighting for the building and the construction lay down space. 

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