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Ward Manufacturing, ACP Division

Project Info

Name: ACP Division

Client: Ward Manufacturing

Location: Blossburg, Pennsylvania

Project Summary

Working on soil like quicksand, with a schedule that was faster than "fast track", Welliver and Ward Manufacturing's ACP Division engineers and construction team designed and built this 210,000 square-foot building in ten months, allowing Ward to meet critical production goals.


Under the design/build deliver system, Welliver managed the design with the architecture team and constructed the state-of-the-art metal castings plant, meeting all environmental regulations, while accommodating customer requirements for casting production within five months and full production within ten months. The Welliver project team worked with Ward ACP Division to erect the building shell while designing a solution to accommodate equipment foundations on poor soil conditions. Welliver employed piling and de-watering in 24-hour work shifts, formed and poured 5,000 cubic yards of concrete foundations in 70 days. The schedule was planned in accordance that construction to finalize crucial manufacturing space was first, then office and lab space came later.

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