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Women’s Rights Museum

Project Info

Name: Women's Rights Historic Park Restoration

Client: National Park Service

Location: Seneca Falls, New York

Project Summary

Welliver was not only the Construction Manager, but also self-performed aspects of the Women's Right Park revitalization. Features of the park that the project team was responsible for include a hard-carved water wall featuring the names of the signers of the Declaration of Women's Rights. A complete renovation of the 150 year-old Wesleyan Chapel was performed with strict attention to the fragility of the structure. The park uses the chapel as one of their campus exhibits. A complete renovation to the Visitor's Center enabled the park to cater to the increasing number of visitors and students, as well as highlight their exhibits and information more clearly.


This project also included a historic restoration of the chapel that is located on site at the Museum and had become structurally weak.

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